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inclined lift and hill transporter

For long and steep stairs and steep slopes

Abtei Inclined Lift systems
Almost all locations are accessible with our stairs and slopes lifts. With our high quality lift systems, we can also find the perfect customised solution for you. Learn more

Ideal for the transport of people and goods

Inclined Cabin lifts

You can transport almost everything with our lift solutions. You can leisurely transport shopping, luggage, furniture and, of course, people without any physical exertion.

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Always ready for use, Always functional

Abtei Cabin inclined lifts

Reliability is one of our founding principles!! Our lifts are used and work reliably in the most difficult environmental conditions.

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Have you ever thought about a lift ?
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Our friendly staff are very much interested in offering you free comprehensive advice, without any obligation. We will work with you to find the perfect solution. Call us today! Our technicians are here to assist you.

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