inclined lift and hill transporter


Perfect planning is the reason for success.


We carry large and small installations for civil, commercial and public sectors. We undertake the complete project management, from consulting and planning through production and installation to maintenance - and service area.


A few words about us

The home department is a satisfied customer, the basic requirement..

To achieve this, it is important to provide a complete service from initial consultation to delivery of turnkey stair or slope lift. We develop each project with a team of specialists to own a perfect construction, planning and design for your stairs or slope lift to ensure large-scale plant.

Pioneering solutions

We make people and loads "mobile" - safe, reliable, comfortable.

Intelligent, economical and groundbreaking technology for every application and every stair and slope requirements. Individual and demand-oriented services. A lot of experience- all inclusive.

Your satisfaction!

Whether you are a builder, architect or planner. Please contact us turnkey lifts as "all-inclusive" package. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority! Contact