This lift can be quickly and easily mounted on existing stairs without any further preparation.

Abtei Brennholz Lastenlift

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Alustar lift for slopes solutions

Your specialist for inclined lifts in Europe.

With this solution we can carry people and loads over long stairs. Whether it is over straight or curved routes, or up vertical or steep gradients. By means of a load adapter, this seat lift is also a combination lift for carrying people and/or loads. Of course, the lift also works across land without stairs (grassland or paths). In this case, an appropriate base is required to attach the supports. When it is folded up, it requires very little space.


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Lift data

  1. Special lift for the transportation of passengers and loads.
  2. Combination lift for the transportation of passengers and loads
  3. Quiet low-energy motor with optional AC or DC
  4. Flexible track guide up to 100 m track guide
  5. Europe-wide delivery and installation


Short lead times and little preparation.

Ideal and unobtrusive way to transport loads or people. Available in all RAL colours and various designs. Inexpensive and quickly realisable flexible way to tackle stairs or steep stretches of terrain. Learn More